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History of Don Lamoreux Productions

Don Lamoreux Productions was founded by actor Don Lamoreux in  Montreal, Quebec in 1982. It was preceded by the Crocodile Theatre Company in 1975 of which Don was Artistic Director. The Crocodile Theatre Company started with classic plays until 1988  when it produced the original musical theatre  production Whatever Happened to Peace and Love? written by Don Lamoreux and Marty Waldman.

Performing as an actor for over five decades, Don has worked in theatre, films and television. He is a member of ACTRA, UdA, SAG/AFTRA and CAEA. Don is a voting member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

Following his stint as director/producer with Crocodile Theatre, Don has written with co-writer and performer, Frank Wilks, directed and produced I Am Not Neil Young, The Musical, a huge Fringe Festival hit performed throughout Southern Ontario. The new 75-minute production of the same production following its opening in 2012 at The Black Swan in Toronto, played in Omeme, ON, the birthplace of Neil Young, and other venues.

Currently, Don Lamoreux Productions is writing the script for "Save Capt. Jake's" and promoting its projects for film and television.  We have produced four trailers promoting “Save Capt. Jake’s” comedy series project. 


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