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TITLE:     The Assassination of a Pope

FORMAT:     Feature/TV Film

GENRE:     Historical Drama/Tragedy


LOGLINE: John Paul 1 attempts to rid the Catholic Church of corruption but his efforts are thwarted by the rogue P2 Masonic Lodge.


A classic tale of Good vs Evil unfolds in 1978.  A reluctant Cardinal Luciani is elected Pope John Paul 1 with the intention of returning the Church to a simple path of serving the faithful.  Upon election, he informs the Conclave: “God forgive you for what you have done”.  JP1 knows that his reign will be short and is racing against time to complete the enormous reforms that are needed to save the Vatican. 


Opposing the Pope is Licio Gelli, Grandmaster of the P2 Masonic Lodge who wishes to maintain the status quo which includes laundering Mafia heroin money through the Vatican Bank.  He promotes Father Magee, Papal Secretary, within the Lodge as the priest sells his soul to advance his career and maintain a lavish and sinful lifestyle.


This conflict compels JPI to dismiss the Masonic prelates.  This in turn forces a “kill order” from Grandmaster Gelli.  Magee, looks the other way to save his career while the pontiff is murdered.  The story ends with Evil conquering Good as Cardinal Villot remembers the prophetic words of JPI: “God forgive you for what you have done”. 

A Feature Film

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