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Don Lamoreux Productions  -  Projects

Welcome to the opportunity to explore the Projects currently available for purchase or booking at Don Lamoreux Productions.  We invite you to review and contact us for further discussion.

Thanks so much for your interest.

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This drama deals with the fickleness of fate and friendship as two close friends run parallel lives of involvement before faced with extraordinary events in history which cause them to realize their separate destinies as enemies.

Not Neil Poster from Frank's site-cover.

                              A Musical Stage Play

The former lead singer for the Buffalo Springfield Revisited recounts through stories and song his rise to stardom, the band's collapse due to alcohol and drugs followed by his own journey to recovery from addiction and loss.

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The eccentric patrons of the dilapidated Capt. Jake’s pub band together to save the their favourite bar after a small fire torches the kitchen.


A feature historical docu-drama written for television.

A classic story of Good vs Evil unfolds in 1978, the year of three Popes.   Pope John Paul  1 attempts to rid  the Catholic Church of corruption but his efforts are thwarted by the rogue P2 Masonic Lodge which wishes to maintain control of Vatican Inc.

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