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'I AM NOT NEIL YOUNG - THE MUSICAL' is a stage play that follows Frank Wilks' rise to fame, precipitous fall, and long road to recovery. It's a story about addiction, recovery, and redemption.


Ultimately, it's a story about finding yourself.  Even if you're not Neil Young.

​'I Am Not Neil Young' is a multimedia presentation that includes live musical performance and dialog, along with pre-recorded video, audio and lighting.

"I have been told that I sound so much like Neil Young that when people close their eyes, they could swear it was actually Neil himself performing. Now is that normal? You see, when you sing a song many times by another artist, part of you becomes that singer. I mean what’s wrong with that? 
    I admire Neil Young.  But I must not let this Neil Young thing possess me..."

          'I Am Not Neil Young' - Excerpt from opening monolgue

See the Media section of our website for more images, YouTube video, and audio tracks from the show.

More NEIL Than Neil                       

         "This guy sounds more like Neil Young than I do.”   

                   -  Neil Young       

           "You're not Neil Young, buddy."           

                               -    Everybody, everywhere
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