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RE-PETE, 35,  wears earplugs to protect his ears from the loud universe.   He is a wannabe stand-up comic.


OCEAN, 37, Black, is the daughter of Jake. She is a herbalist and she is always peddling a remedy be it for a physiological or psychological challenge.

MAVERICK, 60,  highly competitive, is an ex-professional hockey player and sports nut. He is in charge of the renovations to the bar.

GERI, 34, is a Cockney who works at the bar and sings her heart out every Tuesday. She loves to flirt .

BB BOB, 64,  is one of the full-time resident alcoholics in the bar.  He is devoted to his fibre glass moose,  Trigger.

INDIA, 72, a hippie, makes caustic comments about people in the bar. He sells five dollar joints.

FRITZ, 31, gay, often gets the last laugh in many scenes.

ROCKY, 24, is the shapely no-nonsense Latina bartender with a passion for soccer.

SYLVIA, 28, is the estranged daughter of BB Bob. She is a Goth.

JAKE, 75, Black, is a former CFL football star who is the proprietor of Capt. Jake’s.

SINBAD, the parrot, is owned by Capt. Jake. For attention he loves to mimic the patrons.

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