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Pilot for Save Capt Jake's


The eccentric patrons of the dilapidated Capt. Jake’s band together to save their favourite bar after a small fire torches the kitchen.

The story begins with Re-Pete microwaving his blow-your-mind hash brownies in an old plate with metallic inlay in the bar’s kitchen. The microwave blows up setting fire to the kitchen.  The bar’s patrons and staff flee.  The next morning, the bar regulars drop by and offer support to Jake, the owner.  Jake considers closing the bar when Maverick offers to renovate the place pro-bono.

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Re-Pete, wearing a hazmat suit as Maverick’s clueless wingman, is helping him to clean out the kitchen when he falls into the freezer and has to be rescued by an annoyed Maverick.  A couple of days later, Re-Pete shows up wearing a neck brace because of his freezer ordeal.  Ocean boils up a herbal tea to heal him.  Re-Pete is hopeful that this potion might improve his love life.  He is drinking Ocean’s tea while India and Maverick set up a ruse to convince Re-Pete that Ocean fancies him.

Re-Pete, wearing a fresh hazmat suit, sprays foam insulation in the kitchen.

To Maverick’s horror, he has sprayed insulation all over himself as well. 

Maverick threatens to use his Sawzall on Re-Pete.

Re-Pete, Fritz and Maverick arrive to the patio to find BB Bob sitting on top of a large fibreglass moose which he names Trigger.


BB Bob is sitting on Trigger while tourists take pictures.  Sylvia arrives and tells him to get down.  She has a fight with Geri, the bartender, who argues that BB Bob and Trigger bring in tourists while Sylvia just causes trouble.


Re-Pete, in another new hazmat suit, is on a ladder cleaning an old ceiling fan when he kicks the ladder over and he’s left hanging onto the fan for dear life.  Maverick, reluctantly, tries to help him but Re-Pete falls to the floor.

A couple of days later, Re-Pete arrives wearing a walking cast due to his fall.  He is drinking  Ocean’s tea while India and Maverick, tongue in cheek, warn him that he is drinking a love potion and will be ensnared by Ocean.  At a celebration of the newly completed renos, Geri sings “I Love This Bar”.  Re-Pete makes a sloppy pass at Ocean who firmly rejects him and says to keep drinking the potion to find his true path.

BB Bob delivers a reveal to the bar that Sylvia is his estranged daughter. Ocean offers family reconciliation therapy.

Jake and Maverick discuss the bar’s dwindling finances when Maverick cued by Sinbad, the parrot, suggests a bingo fundraising event. 


​​During the bingo, Ocean, BB Bob and India exit for a joint.  They stumble into an AA meeting in a different part of the building.  Sylvia arrives and expresses a false hope that BB Bob will finally join AA.  The crew and AA members head back to the bingo hall where Sylvia is upset that her father wins a liquor coupon. Ironically, Sylvia wins the grand prize.

Re-Pete shows up at the bar, wearing a baseball cap to conceal his hair falling out.  Two days later, Re-Pete returns wearing a gauze bandage on his head.  He wards off Ocean as if she is a witch making him drink her  hormonal laced tea potion.  She follows the fleeing Re-Pete.

Maverick, in a meeting with Jake, finds out that city hall has returned their permit application for changes.


Sylvia, seeing her father on the moose, suggests moving Trigger to Kew Beach Park for everyone to enjoy.  The story ends with Trigger in a pickup being  driven away at 4 AM to the refrain of “Happy Trails to You”.

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