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PROJECT TITLE:     Save Capt. Jake’s

STATUS:  Available for Option or Sale

FORMAT:     TV Pilot

GENRE:     Comedy, Drama



The eccentric patrons of the dilapidated Capt. Jake's band together to save their favourite bar after a small fire torches the kitchen.

​​Number of Pages:   29

Approximate  Run Time:   30 mins

Synopsis:   See  Pilot

Lead Roles:  Maverick,  Sylvia, India, Jake, Geri, Ocean, Frisky Fritz, Re-Pete, Rocky, BB Bob and Sinbad, the parrot  See  Characters

Writers:   Don Lamoreux,  Joanna Eshelby 

Representation:    Don Lamoreux Productions

Telephone:   (+1) 416-993-8684                               

Request full script:   


Download PDF:             Available upon request



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